Silky Smooth Rice Pudding


I could eat this all day and still not have enough. It’s rich and creamy and of course, silky smooth.



  • 6 cups of milk (fattier the milk, silkier the pudding. But I used 1% and it was amazing)

  • 2/3 cup of Arborio rice (you want to use this risotto style rice)

  • 1/3 cup of sugar

  • 2 tablespoons of butter (I used salted because that’s what I had. If you use unsalted butter, then add ½ teaspoon of salt)

  • 2 egg yolks

  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla or a vanilla bean (this was the first time ever that I had a vanilla bean so that’s what I used here, but vanilla extract is totally fine)


  1. Heat up the milk in a heavy bottomed pot so that it’s nice and warm – do not boil it and be careful not to scald it at the bottom of the pan. The goal is to not be adding cold milk to the rice.

  2. In a dutch oven or heavy bottomed pot set over medium heat, melt the butter. If you are using a vanilla bean, scrape the seeds inside the pot. If you are using vanilla extract, wait until the end to add it.

  3. Once the butter is melted, add the rice and toast it for a minute or two. Make sure each rice grain is coated in the melted butter.

  4. Start adding the milk. You want to add one ladle at a time and stir it constantly until it’s fully absorbed by the rice before adding the next ladle. This requires a bit of patience.

  5. Continue adding the milk one ladle at a time, waiting until it’s absorbed, until all milk has been added – this will take about 35-40 minutes.

  6. You can adjust the thickness of your pudding here – if you want it thicker, cook it longer. I like mine quite creamy so I stop when there is a thin layer of liquid over the top. Remember that it will continue to thicken as it cools.

  7. Stir in the sugar and if you are using vanilla extract, add it as well.

  8. Remove from the heat.

  9. In a small bowl, beat the two egg yolks with a tablespoon of milk and whisk that into the rice pudding. This will give it a beautiful yellowish color

  10. Spoon the rice pudding into serving bowls and either serve immediately or let cool. This rice pudding will stay creamy even after chilling.

  11. Enjoy!

Happy eating!


I feel like rice pudding gets a bad rap – many people don’t like it because it’s often dry and full of raisins. Well I am here to change your mind. I absolutely love rice pudding. My mom used to make it for me when I was little, and every time I make it, it takes me straight back to childhood. I have to admit that it wasn’t until I came to the United States that I saw people eating rice pudding cold. It’s actually the preferred way to eat it over here! I only ever ate it warm and to this day I think that’s better than the ice cold version. When it comes to rice pudding, I think the best method to make it is the risotto style – I know what you’re thinking, this is painful and labor intensive for a dessert I don’t care about. BUT, I promise you that this rice pudding is so silky smooth and delicious that you’ll never go back to anything else. Yes, it does require a little bit of time and patience, but just like all the best things in life, it’s worth waiting for. One last note – I am a total purist when it comes to rice pudding. That means no raisins, no nuts, no cranberries, nothing. Just vanilla and a tiny sprinkle of cinnamon.  Enjoy!

This recipe makes 6 generous portions.