How to Dice an Onion

You’re not a cook until you know how to dice an onion. Let’s get to it.

There are tons and tons of recipes that ask you to add a diced onion. And I know there is an equal number of people who are still unsure what the best way to dice that tear-inducing staple is. I am here to show you once and for all the best way to dice an onion.


  • Onion

  • Sharp knife

  • Sturdy cutting board


  1. Cut your onion in half and peel it - make sure you cut it THROUGH the root (the hairy part at the bottom of onions).

  2. With the root facing away from you, make cuts into the onion making sure to not go all the way through. The idea here is to use the root to keep the onion together. So cut close to the root, but not all the way through.

  3. In the video, I am showing a medium to large size dice. If you need to dice it extra finely, just make many more cuts - the principles will stay exactly the same.

  4. Once you have made cuts toward the root, turn the onion 90 degrees so that the root is once again away from you and your knife is perpendicular to the cuts you already made. 

  5. If your onion is very tall, feel free to make a horizontal cut through it to reduce the size of the final pieces.

  6. When ready, cut down across the previously made cuts to produce the dice. 

  7. You are all done! Watch the video to see exactly how I do it. This is absolutely universal for any type of onion!

Happy dicing!