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Angry Shrimp!

Do You Remember It?

This shrimp is addictive, sweet and spicy. With that glaze that all of you that have had this or my salmon dish know about. It is simple to prepare, but there is some frying involved.

First butterfly shrimp to make more surface area for the seasoning.

A bunch of spices and brown sugar. They get all mixed with some cornstarch and makes for the sweet and spicy crust on the shrimp.

All coated in the spices and the next important step is to allow the seasoning to set on the shrimp on a baking rack. This helps the seasoning from falling off in the fryer.

While the shrimp is resting. Make the glaze. This is so simple but tastes complex. Orange juice, brown sugar, salt and pepper. Reduce.

Shrimp is fried at 325 and drained on a paper towel and sprinkled with a bit more salt. Drizzle the sauce or dip. Look out for the recipe on the recipe tab.

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