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Cauliflower Power

Coconut Curry Cauliflower

For the last five years cauliflower has become the "in" vegetable, well along with a few others. Which I love them all (kale, brussel sprouts) You can find it in everything from a low fat, gluten and carb free pizza crust, cauliflower rice, and cauliflower puree playing at being cream sauce. It's always funny to me how these food trends start, what was one of the out casts is now centerplate. Why? Well they can be made delicious, especially cauliflower because it has not very much flavor of it's own it's like clothing styles just keeping making their rounds through the decades. Cauliflower fits into all the other food trends so easily it's gluten free, vegetarian, low carb, and can really be transformed into something that it's not, like "steak" or "rice" or "mashed potatoes" or pizza crust. That is the power of cauliflower. I think it's here for awhile.

This version is all my favorite things!

First I sliced the whole head of cauliflower into thick slices. Then I took all the spices for the curry and toasted them in a small cast iron pan. Just when I started to smell them I added about a tablespoon of coconut oil and let the spices continue toasting and infusing into the oil.

The next step could be done in a spice grinder but I was feeling the mortar and pestle today. I ground the spices down with one more tablespoon of coconut oil and added a bit of water to hydrate some coconut flour which makes the spices into the curry paste.

Also I put my sheet pan I was using to roast the cauliflower into the oven to get hot and then laid out the cauliflower pieces that had been rubbed with curry paste on both sides. This will help in the yummy brown crust.

The yogurt sauce that accompanies this is super simple and fresh.

Lastly some garnish and a little something more to make it a meal. Another of my favorite foods chick peas. No need to get out another pan, I used the same one I toasted the spices in and added a bit more coconut oil and some salt and pepper . Just keep tossing them around they will get nice and crusty. Also I toasted some pepitas (pumpkin seeds) and tossed them in a toasted pumpkin seed oil just because I had it olive oil will work just fine. Though the pumpkin seed oil helps bring up the flavor of everything. I drizzled at bit on the plate as well.

All those warm spices called out for a squeeze of lime. I squeezed it on

the cauliflower before and after plating.

Get some cauliflower power and try something new with it. Just a little added note here you can buy very good prepared curry paste from the grocery store if you don't want to deal with getting all the whole spices. Cardamom pods and star anise can be hard to find in a regular grocery store. Making your own is well worth it though.

Oh and not to be forgotten the small shavings of dehydrated coconut (none of that sweet stuff )

Look out for the recipe coming , just click on the recipe tab.

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