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It's been awhile.

I have been working away and my new blog adventure took a back seat. It's a beautiful day and have a few things going on in the yard and garden. So here is a nice bright cheerful summer salad all from my garden and yard.

Spicy Summer Salad with a Sweet Honey Vinaigrette

What's in the salad? Baby romaine, red sorrel, black mustard leaves (growing wild in the yard), black mustard blossoms, the vegetable gardens first harvest spicy radishes, oh and for a touch of sweetness some honey crisp apple the only thing I didn't grow. Not to forget my pansies which have a little peppery flavor but mostly look pretty. This was super quick and quite tasty. The honey for the vinaigrette is from my moms bees!

Greens all washed and patted dry. Honey in the jar for vinaigrette. Radishes harvested. Salad in five.

Romaine-the bulk of the salad, red sorrel is beautiful and has a lemony taste, basil is always delicious, black mustard is earthy and spicy, mustard blossoms have a kick on the back end.

Check out the simple vinaigrette recipe in the recipe tab.

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