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Pumpkin Soup made from home grown pumpkin. This soup has all the fall feels.

This soup is more of a rustic approach to pumpkin or squash soup. In a restaurant setting I would take a few extra steps that I will add into the recipe if you want to go for it. If you love pumpkin, butternut or any other winter squash this recipe will work for almost all of them. One night I added chicken sausage to it, so good.

This is one pumpkin/squash. I could not find the tag to what this pumpkin/squash is called it was the size of a medium size regular pumpkin and had a grayish blue striped skin. I searched and searched the internet to find an exact picture but with no success. The flavor most resembled a acorn squash. I rubbed in some olive oil , salt, and pepper and a small amount of brown sugar.

A quick tip for scraping out the flesh away form the skin, start from the center going towards the edge. This works better because as the squash roasts the edges dry and crisp more than the center and does not pull from the skin very easily and it just makes for a messy job peeling small pieces of skin.

I love to add apples or apple cider to a winter squash soup. I did not even peel them because the soup is going to be pureed.

Getting good browning on all the vegetables makes for a richer flavor. It is finished off with some chicken stock and half and half. Now if I was in the restaurant I probably would of used heavy cream. You can also of course use vegetable stock. It is also good with the addition of Greek yogurt. I used a immersion blender to puree the soup to make it smooth. In a restaurant setting I would go the extra mile to pass the soup through a fine mesh strainer to achieve a silky texture. In all honesty I very rarely use a recipe in less I am baking. So coming up with measurements is always a new practice for me. I would encourage anybody to go with the flow and use a recipe as a guideline and always taste along the way and to not be afraid to change or adapt to what you may have on hand. Recipe that I came up with will be in the recipe tab.

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