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Quick Dinner!

These stuffed peppers are super tasty and quick to make. I feel like stuffed peppers is a throwback dinner. These are Southwest inspired and are made better with brown bubbly cheese.

These peppers came from my Aunt's garden and I couldn't wait to use them because I did not have peppers that made it in my garden.

You can also take the tops off and leave the peppers whole and stuff them from the top. They are filled up with some spicy rice, chicken, black beans and corn. Besides the baking dish it's really a one pot meal.

Just season up the chicken, add in the essentials onion and garlic! Brown everything and rice, chicken stock and crushed tomatoes, cover and let the rice cook. It takes about 20 minutes. Stuff into the peppers and top with cheese. I used pepper jack and mozzarella. Into the oven they go and in about 10 minutes dinner is ready. Check out the detailed recipe in the recipe tab.

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