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Sorry not sorry! It's pumpkin season. Pumpkin cinnamon rolls.

Some people think that it is still to soon for pumpkin and other flavors associated with fall. As a chef like so many people, fall is my favorite season. The cooler weather, the harvest and most of all the flavors. These cinnamon rolls are all a part of that, they are warm, pumpkin is a huge part of the fall harvest, and cinnamon rolls to me are celebratory food. They are always a part of Christmas morning. My mom's are still the best. What better way to celebrate the peak of the fall season.

I usually measure as I go along but in practice of being more organized I measured all of my ingredients prior of putting everything together and mixed up the pumpkin filling. I had a very large pumpkin/squash that I grew and roasted for this and some soup(recipe coming soon). Canned plain pumpkin works just fine.

Making cinnamon rolls completely from scratch may seem like to much work but with using a few tricks along the way and the ability to make things in stages it's so doable for anybody. The first step was heating the milk, oil and sugar. This is to get the yeast started the warmth and sugar help feed the yeast. Although you can't add the yeast immediately to the milk mixture because it will be to hot and kill the yeast. A good way to speed up the process of getting the milk to a usable temperature (warm but not hot) is by pouring it into a new vessel and placing in the fridge or freezer and every few minutes give it a stir. Just make sure you take it out before it gets cold. This dough is so easy and requires very little kneading and you don't need a mixer. Once you have added the yeast you can add all the other ingredients except some other leavening, salt and some additional flour. If you have a warm spot it should rise in about a half hour.

Like so many of my recipes this makes a lot! Two 9*13 pans of huge cinnamon rolls or many smaller ones. I split the dough and make two long rolls.

This is the same dough and method I use for plain cinnamon rolls. I have made many other fillings. Blueberry, cream cheese, chocolate, apple just to name a few. It's important that if using a filling that it chilled and that it has a way to thicken up and set during the baking.

The second rise. As mentioned this recipe makes a lot so it's perfect for gifting or sharing. They can be cut smaller and put in smaller disposable pans to be given out to friends and family. I also have packed them all into a huge pan and allowed them to rise together and cut it into squares and served it as dessert with whipped cream or ice cream.

Whatever you do make these and eat them while they are warm!

I made a delicious maple cream cheese icing for mine. Check out the full recipe in the recipe tab.

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