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Rhubarb Bomb Buckle

This Rhubarb coffeecake is a great way to use the first of the season. This recipe can easily be adapted to use any fruit.

Rhubarb is one of my favorite things in the spring. It can be used in sweet things or savory. Rhubarb is one of the first things you can harvest in the spring as it loves the cool wet weather.

Some local ingredients help enhance this.

Northeast Corner Herb Farm is right down the road from where I live. They sell all their goods at our local farmer's market in Glens Falls, NY.

Start by adding rhubarb or any fruit really to a saucepan. For this recipe I used 2 cups of cut rhubarb so just replace with what ever you like. I added a 1/4c. of the soft jam just use a complementing flavor or you can leave it out. I added the juice of one lemon here and that may seem strange because rhubarb is so tart on it's own, but because of the sugar added it is needed.


This batter is one of the most universal cake batters. I have made and adapted this so many times over the years of making it. It is perfect for muffins! I have even bumped up the vanilla and used it for cupcakes. At one of restaurants I worked at we would make this weekly for one of our selections of breakfast pastries. I have added cocoa powder, lemon zest, poppy seeds, blueberries, peaches, cinnamon and it still bakes perfectly. It is very adaptable and hard to get a bad result. You start by combining all the dry ingredients and cutting in butter (like pastry). I use a food processor, this can be done by hand by rubbing in the butter or with a pastry cutter. Food processor is of course faster, for the amount that the recipe makes it's best to do in two batches. A stand mixer can over work it and does not lead to the result above of a course meal (there are still some large chunks of butter)

Next all liquids get together and fold them into the dry ingredients. Another little note here if you don't have buttermilk you can substitute yogurt or add the juice of 1 lemon or 2 T. of vinegar to regular whole milk. The butter will be lumpy this is a good thing. Spread half the batter out on to sheet pan you can still see small bits of butter that is not completely combined. You did not mess up this is what you want.

You can see here this is a commercial half sheet pan, for the recipe you will want one. (it does not fit on a regular "cookie sheet" ) I have not seen these at any big box or grocery store. These sheet pans can be found at a restaurant supply store or of course online. All the fruit mixture is now spread across the bottom layer as evenly as possible, I like a off set cake spatula. You want to make sure that the fruit mixture has cooled enough that it won't melt the butter in the batter right away.

Don't worry! Spreading the rest of the batter over the top will be a bit challenging. If you wet the cake spatula a bit it does help. You can see there is fruit poking out all over the place it will be fine. This recipe is called buckle for reason. This will get topped off with a sugary crumb topping and as it bakes and rises the weight of topping and the fruit in the middle will allow some of the batter to sink back into itself hence buckling.

This crumb mixture should like course sand. It gets spread all over the top. Some will buckle into the batter and some with make a crunchy top. Keep in mind this recipe makes a large amount so it would be great if you need to feed a crowd. It can be cut packaged in plastic with ribbon for a gift. It does freeze well, I would suggest cutting large pieces and wrapping them tightly and then into a freezer bag. Thaw naturally at room temp.

Make this! Find the recipe in the recipes tab.

Speaking again to the versatility of the recipe I have doubled it and cut it half and still get the same result. In many baking recipes it is not suggested to double or triple it or half the recipe because for some reason it changes the result. Not with this.

Let me know if you tried it! Show me yours. I will your post results.


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