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Taco Tuesday!

Vegetarian Quinoa and Roasted Corn Tacos

These are super tasty and fresh. They taste like your eating something bad for you but they are healthy and on trend with more people trying to eat a few more plant based meals and they are gluten free.

I started by giving red cabbage a short pickling with red wine vinegar, salt and sugar. Then let that sit while I prepared everything else. I got a mixed quinoa but regular is fine. I cooked the quinoa in salted boiling water until it was tender and but still had a bit of a crunch. I mixed it with cilantro, lime juice, olive oil and some chipotle chili powder. Then roasted the corn with onions, peppers and mushrooms which I think gives it a texture and substance, in a cast iron pan of course. I also half a serrano pepper diced. This will bring up the heat quite a bit if you like it spicy.

All the fixings! Tacos by no means are revolutionary but I think most people love them and this is a slightly different take. This is also I believe much more authentic in the fact that is truly based on fresh things, and some traditional garnish.

Toasting the corn tortillas over the flame of the stove gives them great flavor and softens them. This is actually important when using store bought corn tortillas because untoasted or warmed they become brittle and break and have a raw dry flavor.

Topped with the fresh veggies, cilantro leaves, fresh lime and cotija cheese which is a Mexican cheese that is like feta, it is a bit dry and salty and crumbles well. This is simple and fairly fast taco to make. These were so good! I love fresh Mexican style food!

Look out for the recipe in the recipe tab.

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