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Welcome! Here we go! Let's start out with a Homestyle Dish for Staying Home

Pot Roast with Herb Garlic Knots

My fiance loves beef and anything braised and tender. So it's what's for dinner. Cast iron is key for a nice sear.

Flavor enhancers. Nothing fancy, just the basics.

Browning the vegetables in the cast iron and deglazing with beer will maximize flavor.

Yummy beer for deglazing. Adding some of my mom's honey for a little sweetness. That's my favorite little honey spoon. Oh and some smoked sea salt.

Homestyle Pot Roast for Staying Home. Throwback to the fifties? It reminds me of an old cookbook photo.

All knotted up.

Warm out of the oven and litterally rolled in garlic butter.

Full recipe in the recipe section

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