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What's happening in the Restaurant Industry?

The public is taking it out on take out.

The restaurant industry has been hit hard like many businesses during this pandemic, but people don't care! As seasonal restaurants and ice cream shops are starting to open and offer take away, what they are taking away is a bad taste in their mouth. In the past few weeks I have read, heard and witnessed bad behavior by patrons and we need customers more than ever now. For many restaurants seasonal or not are just trying to stay afloat and with that comes a lot of change. Many restaurants allowed take out before but it was never the driving force of their business and now it's all they have. I hear restaurants trying all kinds of innovative ideas to try generate revenue. They are doing things like adding online ordering, putting family style meals together, discounting food and drink, adding delivery, creating and selling cocktail mixes, frozen reheat meals and the list goes on. This sometimes cost money to do. The thing is it's all new for so many restaurants and although they are happy when they have a ton of orders because that means they can pay employees and bills to keep the doors open. This also creates a new stress of trying to get it right. The whole purpose for restaurants to do all these things is to make it easier for the customer, which in turn helps them. I guess what I am driving at is the public is stressed and they forget that all these things that restaurants are adding for their ease and are

new for them and they need time to work out the kinks and when it's busy it just adds another element for possible failure. Restaurant workers work in a stressful fast paced environment normally, now they have added stress of how to stay afloat and possibly doing something totally new to them. Please people out there think of these things when you order food and when you go to pick it up be nice, be patient and if you have a problem message or call the restaurant and explain why your unhappy or had a bad experience, give them a chance to fix it or explain. Placing a post on social media slamming somebody for ruining your day is quite frankly silly. Your also creating a storm of negativity towards the business and you aren't aware of the challenges that they have faced. This pandemic is happening to all of us!

Sorry I just had to rant a little. Now that I said all that. I will be posting some more recipes this week. Look out for Roasted Corn & Quinoa Tacos and a recipe for Focaccia Bread.

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